Frequently Asked Questions

As an advertiser, I set up a campaign. When will it go live?

New campaigns go live on the exchange after the campaign’s creatives have been approved by our 24/7 creative audit team. This is usually done within an hour. The creatives will start running on managed traffic right away.

Can advertisers use filters such as Geo, OS, Browsers, Device Type, ISP?

Yes. All these filters mentioned are supported.

Does hexaad have mobile inventory and pop inventory?

Yes, we do. Plus: video and mobile app inventory will be added in the near future.

Being the highest bidder, will I always win?

Yes you will. Via hexaad second price auction, the winner pays, not his bid, but the second highest bid. That’s $0.01 above the maximum bid of the second highest bidder. There is no algorithm in place that gives runner-ups a chance to snatch an impression from the highest bidding campaign. But frequency caps and other filter settings can even cause the highest bidding campaign to miss out on available impressions. Filters always affect the traffic volume in range.

Do you offer postbacks?

Within an advertiser Professional Plan account you can set up conversion pixels – image or server2server (S2S).

I ran a GEO report at hexaad dashboard and compared the results with a GEO report from my advertiser. I see differences. How can that be?

Differences in GEO reports are often caused by the fact that hexaad uses ip2location as a location tracker, while your advertiser might use another location service, such as MaxMind. There shouldn’t be a significant difference. Another factor causing GEO differences might come from your advertiser using the IP that is provided by proxies (using for example the X-Forwarded-For header). We don’t use these IP as they can be easily faked.

How long is the waiting time for creative auditing at hexaad?

10 minutes to 1 hour. Let’s give it 2 hours when queues get a bit jammy. Our Auditing Team manually reviews all submitted creatives. The staff works 24/7 including weekends. 3rd party tags will be classified as ‘Mixed/Rotating Content’, images will get an appropriate category according to IAB standard. Apart from this manual auditing hexaad runs an automated Creative Checker, repeatedly scanning all creatives on the ad exchange for suspicious activities such as auto-redirects, hijacks, phishing and malware. Our goal is to ensure that any malicious creative will be caught and blocked right away.